e-Filing LHDN
Easy Accurate and Safe

LHDNM e-Filing services allow you to submit your Tax Return Forms electronically via the internet. This service is available for FREE. Initially, this application was introduced to corporate taxpayers in 2003 and later it was expanded to individual taxpayers in 2004.

All Tax Return Forms submitted through the e-Filing application are protected by PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Technology. e-Filing users may file their Tax Return Forms electronically at any time from any location. This application will assist the users to fill, compute and submit their Tax Returns Forms electronically. Tax repayment will also be processed at an earlier date,if Tax Returns are submitted electronically. Enquiries pertaining to e-Filing can be made toll free line 1-800-88-5436 (LHDN).

 The basic e-Filing requirements are :

    -Income tax number
    -PIN Number
    -Pentium III processor or above
    -Internet connections
    -Microsoft Windows 2000 (Latest service pack)
    -Microsoft Windows XP (Latest service pack)
    -IE (Internet Explorer) Ver. 5.0 and above

If Form B/BE/M/P/E 2011 is not received by 15.3.2012, kindly please notify the nearest LHDNM Branch Office for verification or issuance of PIN Number. You may also call our Customer Service Centre at 1-800-88-5436 (LHDN) for assistance.

If you are taxable but have not registered a tax file, kindly do so at the LHDNM Branch Office nearest to your residence. A new PIN Number will be issued upon successful registration of the tax file.